14 thoughts on “Hajj

  1. Assalam-o-Alakum dear Sister. how are you. l love you very much my Sister Allah bless u. We will met in Janna inshallah. Me Muhammad Saleem from Pakistan live in Saudi Arabia

  2. Asslam U Alaikum Hope by blessing of Allaha you will be fine As I learn about book and story .Honestly I m praying for you yours love one be happy.I pray for rest of muslim Umma to follow real muslimship.

  3. Subhan Allah !

    i saw your picture just on my Facebook n i read about yourself truly you are an inspiration for so many human beings, May Allah bless u n give you a strength to become a guider for those who are keen to work for spreading islam in all over the world . please pray for all muslims speacially for those who are not following islam and for me aswell.
    This is Rashid from Karachi Pakistan

  4. Alhamdulillah. Nice to see you in full hijab. Find one suitable and smart as working lady in media. A lot out there in arab and south east asia especially my country, malaysia.

  5. assalamou alaykom may god bless you and give you strengh to keep going and enlight your life….I am really inspired by your amazing story….It seemed that you have finally found the right path , the peace, the happiness you need in your life
    That’s good ….all praise is to allah ….
    I am also pleased because you have been my sister in Islam….

  6. By the way I am an arabic girl who have become a fan of you from now on
    I wish you visit my country ( Tunisia )

  7. Assalamu alaikum,

    Dear Sister, I am so happy to learn that you are identified the truth . indeed, it is the most eminent gain ever in your life and i would like to appreciate your effort to know about the reality even the world is going on mischief , aggression . However , may Allah bless you here and hereafter . yes, i will pray for you and your success, prosperity throughout the life , and may Allah gathered us in the Jannah

    your brother

    Mohamed Asif

  8. Assalam u Aalaikum Sister,

    Well, hope you doin fine. May Allah bless you and give you a strength to become a guider for those who are keen to work for spreading islam in all over the world . please don’t forget us in your prayers. JazakAllah sister!

    Take a lot of care,

  9. Esselamunaleyküm,
    Allah size bu dünyada ve ahiretde afiyet dolu mutlu huzurlu ömür versin inşaALLAH can ablam.
    Türkiye’den saygı ve sevgilerimizle

  10. Syukurullahitaala ma’yekom wajazakumullahulkhair – our sister from former VJ MTV Europe (ms Kristiane Backer)-May Allah be peace upon you – Alhamdulillah.

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