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‘From MTV to Mecca’ is the truly inspiring story of Kristiane Backer, who at the height of her career as one of Europe’s leading pop culture icons, converted to Islam.

You can order the book online from Amazon: Paperback and Kindle Edition

You can also order from Awakening Store (publisher): Awakening Record’s (publisher) website

‘From MTV to Mecca’ is also available in Pakistan retail outlets from:


Agha’s Supermarket
Shop No.1, Uzma Court, DC-3
Block 8, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (021) 3583-3119

Pak Medico
Commercial Area
Mohammad Ali Society
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: (021) 3453-8531

Natmark Pvt Ltd
133 Atrium Mall
Zaibunisa Street
Karachi 74400
Tel: 021 35644197
Facebook: Natmark

Kitabain Online Bookstore


Excelsior Watch Co Pvt Ltd
57 Mall Road
Lahore 54000
Tel: 042 36311140, 36301043


Mr Books
10-D, Markaz F-6
Supermarket, Islamabad
Tel: 051 2278843, 2278845
Facebook: Mr Books


10 thoughts on “Buy ‘From MTV to Mecca’ book

  1. AOA dear madam
    I proud to read this book lods things to learn.
    i gifted to my non-muslim friend ,still reading
    Allah hafiz

  2. Dear Sister in Islam,
    I knew about you only today. but last 2 hours i spend reading and listening about you. mashallah. May Allah accept your eeman and make it stronger and enter us all in the eternal jannathul firdous ala3la, aameen.
    Sister is there any shops who sell your books in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia ?
    I need to buy it today.
    One more matter sister. after listening to you I feel there is something missing.. How good is your Arabic language sister ? If you are not fluent sister you spend at least two hours daily to improve the arabic language.. then only you will get the ‘real’ fragrance of the Noble Quran. The translations are human works and are errorneous.. but Allah’s kalam in Arabic is different.
    May Allah guide us to the haqq and help us to jump over every thornsof the stem and reach the flower in the end…
    Barakallahu feeki,

  3. Really superb , i think it is not a guidance for non muslims but by birth muslim too!
    May Allah bless u Christiana…!

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