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  1. Reading the Quran feels like God is speaking to you directly. The doctrines make sense, I find all my answers in Islam. I also like that it is a very holistic religion- involving mind, body and spirit. And the spiritual dimension is very accessible..

  2. I want to ask if you reach an other Murshid (spiritual teacher) after Marting Lings. After learning the Koran for ten years, i saw that the reaching of an Murshid, a representative of Allah, is an order. Of course our prophet Muhammed (sav) is the last prophet, but he is not the last, who Allah give the work to teach the human. So everywhere in the world Allah send his representative, who speak the language of this peoples.
    Allah send his representativ to the people before our prophet, so in Koran there is no sign about that Allah changed his law after our prophet.

    So it is very happily that you learn the one and only religion of Allah. Since Adam there no other religion. Allahs religion is Islam, to give our spirit, our pyhsical body, our soul and our will to Allah.

    The spirit is giving us by Allah. It is his spirit. His function is to reach Allah before the death. In sufism it is calling Seyr-i Suluk, the spiritual journey to Allah. This is the beginning of Allahs way.

    So who want to reach Allah with his spirit, who want to give the spirit back to Allah, Allah will show him his Murshid. After then he get the Dhikrullah from this Murshid and begin to do the Dhikr to reach Allah.

    At least i want to say that if the Murshid of someone died, then we have search with the Wish-praying, (not the istikhare-praying) a new Murshid. This is how the Sahaba do it. As our prophet died, then the sahabe go to Abu Bakr and take his hand and do the bayat.

    In the Sura 48/Feth-10, we can see that our prophet and the sahaba did the bayat. And also the muslim women come to our prophet and did the bayat (60/Mumtehin-12).


    • Salams and thank you for your excellent comments. The answer to your question is yes, al hamduliLlah.
      May He guide and protect us all salam
      wa rahma K

  3. I am an architect living near to makah in Jeddah. I want to ask u some question for my clarification.

    As per Quran and Islam should the religion separeted from politics and governace ?

    As per Quran and Islam What is the Global political message of islam ?

    I hope u will spare some time from ur busy life to answer my questions.

    • Salams I think there are other people more qualified to answer your questions. Islam is a religion, a way to God- not a political ideology. May God guide us closer and help us to become better human beings- beloved by Him. Salam wa rahma

  4. I am a Muslim and born in Pakistan. I moved to UK few years back. I got chance to read your book and it was so inspirational and moving. Your journey and struggle is amazing example for the people who are born Muslim like me. I felt ashamed of myself as don’t pray regularly. I was far away from my religion, my prophet and my Allah. This book brought me back to my Allah, my beloved Prophet and my Islam. Thank you Kristiane and may Allah give you best of Iman and Health.

    • Thank you, Shafiq for taking the time to send your feedback (which I also posted under book feedback cause that is what is), may God guide us all! Warm salams KB

  5. Salam Kristiane,

    I had the chance to meet you a few months ago at one of the events organised by Emerald. Through our conversations, I had highlights of your personal story and you told me about your book launch in Sept. I was really looking forward to reading it and also I wanted to share it with my friend’s wife, an English lady who since she lives in Singapore has wanted to learn more about Islam but did not know “where to start”. She is from a Christian background but did not receive any religious education from her parents. She has recently embraced Islam and asked me some guidance. I thought your own story could help her at all levels of her new path and so I sent her your book. She said that it strengthens her conviction of embracing Islam. I wanted to share with you her feedback I have just received:

    “I just wanted to email to thank you so much for the book you gave me by Kristiane Backer. I couldn’t put it down…& in parts I was in tears! So inspirational & very well written. Thank you again for the book. Lisa Xxxx”

    Reading your personal journey to Islam has emphasised her commitment toward Allah.

    May Allah reward you for devoting yourself in bringing the essence of Islam to the centre of Western societies.
    May Allah’s blessings light up your path and lead you to eternal love, happiness and success.


  6. Salam Alaikum
    How you can define freedom of expression , In the western world , They abuse and mocks others in the name of Freedom of expression . Recently they made an anti Islamic film.

    If they are so proud on so called freedom of expression, why they ban to talk on holocaust freely.

    What is your opinion . please answers

  7. May Allah Bless you and give you strength in your pious mission of spreading true face of Islam. Hats off to you and all those who identify and successful in their quest for true love (Allah Almighty)

    • I had the pleasure to meet Azhar Usman and Preacher Moss at the Muslim Inaugural Ball this year in D.C. they are not only funny, but they are great berrhots as well. My group in DC did a screening of one of their films and the feedback was wonderful. May Allah (swt) continue to reward them for their efforts!

  8. Asalamu Alaykum Kristiane
    I attended the RIS this year and Mashallah your story really did inspire me. You honestly were one of my favourite speakers this year.
    I also heard you mention that you were planning to start a TV series and needed a station to film. I am sorry but I am not that person to give you one. However, I wanted to ask you a question regarding the TV series. I have some good ideas on storyboard. If you would like is it alright if I could assist you with it?
    Jazakullahu Khayr

  9. Salaam – Do you not find it strange that because you are a celebrity, from before you (formally) embraced Islam, and a beautiful white woman, that muslim scholars (most of whom are men) are willing to share a platform with you whereas they would not be so willing to do so if it was with an Indian or Pakistani origin woman. We have great problems in our mosques where gender segregation is often strictly enforced and where men and women cannot share learning together without there being a curtain, a wall or another barrier. You have grown in a much more privileged cultural background and the Islam that you have come to know does not come with much cultural baggage, but for Muslim women even in this country comes with a lot of cultural baggage that is then used to put women down and keep them in their place. What are your views on this?? and can you educate some of them the male maulanas with whom you are often invited to share a platform such as the one in Blackburn in March. BTW I like your comment that Islam or faith for that matter is firstly a path to know our Creator and not a political ideology. However there is no denying that the Prophet did establish a state in Madinah and was instrumental in enacting social reforms in his society and stood for justice and brotherhood of all human beings.

  10. aslamoalikum
    I am 10 years old and inshallah will see you tomorrow in the regents mosque
    is it possible to buy your book in the mosque as well

  11. Aslam u Alikum!

    Dear Kristane ! I didn’t know you before until today , as I am a Great fan of Sir Imran khan and i try to read everything about Him. Today a friend of mine shared a Editorial that was written by Mustanser Hussain Tarrar a writer in pakistan, about Him, and it was focusing you and how you are inspired by Islam. From there i watched your documentaries and videos that are available on internet. i m so much inspired by you that i can’t tell you the exact amount. secondly i m so much touched by your views and teachings in your interviews that no one a preacher had done that much, it induced me that i should not be stagnant where i was a long time ago. My tears came out automatically as you described your Hajj and Ummrah, Mecca & Madina . i want to read your book please send me its soft copy if you can.

    i must appreciate your excellent work though you need from no one except Allah’s, you are doing extremely marvelous job, and May Allah give you more strength and power for dawa. (ameen) Please do remember me and whole Muslims in Your Prayers.

    Rana Bahram Ali
    Petroleum & gas engineer

  12. Asalam Ale kom
    Dear Kirstiane, really astonished to hear about your struggle against the prejudice behavior of the the people in in west.I am in living in tribal area of Pakistan but also spent 5 years in UK, you were extremely right in your interview with a Pakistani TV Channel that approach towards Muslims are quite different in UK. Really appreciate your efforts and your calmness on all that.
    May Allah the Al-Mighty fulfill all your life’s desires & goals and bless you with his immense mercy.

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